Korg Updates their Flagship KRONOS Workstation

With a name like Kronos, I expect this keyboard to be the final boss in an epic RPG. But I”m also hoping that this isn”t the final installment of Korg”s flagship keyboard. Korg released this video yesterday hyping the updates it has made to the newest iteration of the Kronos keyboard workstation, which is called Kronos. Pretty clever, I know.


But it”s not just cleverly naming it the same thing that”s changed, they”ve also upgraded the grand piano engine, and the looks have been upgraded with classy wooden ends and a new finish. The touchscreen is now more versatile with the ability to touch-drag for increased convenience in editing patches.

Although not a new feature, similar to the AxeFx, the Kronos has the ability to interface with your computer directly over USB, transmitting both audio AND MIDI data digitally. With online casino this comes the ability to use the keyboard as a plugin in your DAW. This has some cool implications – for one, rather than transmitting your signal over cables, which degrades the signal quality some, the sound will be replicated into your recording exactly the same as it sounds in the keyboard itself. Plus, the sheer convenience of not having to turn away from your DAW to change and edit patches is huge for lazy fatass producers like myself.

Check out the new Kronos on Korg”s website for more info.

Here”s Jonah from the band Dirty Loops talking about the Kronos:

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