16-Year Old Girl Shreds Jason Becker; Butthurt Is Wrought

I’ve tried to make my feelings about child prodigy fetishization clear, so yes, I am a hypocrite for posting this vid. But unlike Tina S’s previous videos, I actually really enjoyed her playing on this, because although Jason Becker licks are no walk in the park, he’s a bit more of a musical player than guys like Herman Li, who are all about shred first, ask melodic questions second.


So in the interstices of this solo – the little ideas, blues-influenced phrasings, and brief melodies – you can see the expressiveness of Tina’s playing a bit more. I’d like to see her take on something totally out of left field next, like a one-note Neil Young solo or something.

Check out the video below, a cover of Becker’s “Altitude” off his 1988 tour-de-force, Perpetual Burn. Dig those white pants and Vigier guitar!

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  • Holy shit

    • Indeed. Poor kid must never see daylight to be that accomplished at her age.

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