AZUSA Complete The Ritual In This Exclusive Guitar Playthrough of “Iniquitous Spiritual Praxis” (Feat. BOBBY KOELBLE)

Extreme progressive metal act AZUSA have been gearing up for the new year with their upcoming album Loop of Yesterdays (set to be released on April 10th via Solid State Records). The global metal supergroup (featuring members of Extol, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Sea + Air) shattered minds and ears with their debut record Heavy Yoke back in 2018, and to keep the hype train a-chuggin’, guitarist Christer Espevoll is here with an exclusive guitar playthrough for the track “Iniquitous Spiritual Praxis” (featuring Bobby Koelble of DEATH), only right here, on Gear Gods!


In true Azusa fashion, “Iniquitous Spiritual Praxis” takes all the best parts of technical death metal, extreme metal, prog, and jazz fusion, and combines them into an equally wonderful avant-garde and captivating sonic experience. Christer’s playing here makes things look easy, but judging by his unbreakable focus, there is a lot to keep track of. And about working with Bobby Koelble of DEATH on this track, Chriser had this to say:

“Death’s Symbolic was a game-changer for me when I discovered it back in the days. It is such a great album. It really set the standard for technical death metal, and it was a big inspiration to me as a guitarist and riff maker. David and I went to a Death to All show in Oslo on their Symbolic tour a few years back. We were blown away by the tightness and accuracy as they sounded exactly as good as you would hope after we’d been listening to that album to death (hah!). It was a fantastic experience that I will not forget. After seeing Bobby Koelble’s impressive performance we asked him if he would contribute with a solo on one of the songs on our debut album Heavy Yoke. Lucky for us he said yes!”

You can check out the band’s music video for their new single “Monument” from Loop of Yesterdays below:

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