PETE COTTRELL Shows Off the Orange Amps Getaway Driver Pedal, and Gets Away With TREY XAVIER On Lead Guitar


Our good pal Pete is at it again! This time, he has a demo of the Getaway Driver pedal from Orange Amps. We covered this a little while ago, which is probably why our own Trey Xavier (here), shreds a solo on this puppy.

After the song, Pete gives a pretty well informed quickie review on the pedal. Basically, this thing has GAINS, or gain. The Getaway Driver has a lot of gain to offer, and Pete argues that on a clean channel, it can do a lot more than he used it for in the video, which was a metal setting. And of course, no video would be truly complete without the patented “Xavier Mega Stance-Face COMBO” so be on the look out for whatever that means to you.

If you want to check out this pedal, read about it on the Orange Amps website. And even though we just plugged him last week, go through the Pete Man some love on his YouTube channel.

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