Australia Week – PLINI – “The End of Everything” Official Music Video

If our interview with YouTube shred phenom Plini is any indication, he’s a man who is dedicated to his craft. This means that every aspect of what he does is carefully constructed and composed, with lots of attention paid to every detail. In fact, when he isn’t playing his Strandberg Boden 6 on some tasty jams, he’s an architect who helped design and build a community center for a poor village called Ko Ki in rural Cambodia, and helped to fund the project by selling one of his singles on Bandcamp.


This dedication is evident in his new music video, “The End of Everything”, from his recent EP of the same name. In the video, we are treated to a mini-documentary of the making of a bespoke strap for Plini, crafted in the same manner and with the same care that I’m sure goes into every song (it better be, dude doesn’t put out NEARLY enough material. Fucking tease.) and in that way the song and video beautifully mirror each other.

Normally when I’m watching videos about leather straps, it’s much less well lit and I feel ashamed by the end, but I’m sure you were as uplifted by this as I was.

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