Rigged: USA out of Vietnam Guitarist Son of Fogman

USA out of Vietnam, and then right over to the vintage guitar section. After all, that defense budget isn’t going to spend itself, so why not invest it in ’60s Fenders and recreations of the Vox AC30? And that pedal collection? Well you can’t create a sonic landscape denser than a wartime jungle without saving up for a few pedals. I have to admit to being curious as to how bands who use delay a bulk of the time can get by without tap tempo, but whatever works, y’know?


So here’s Song of Fogman, guitarist for USA out of Vietnam, on the rig he used on such fine releases as the band’s latest Crashing Diseases and Incurable Airplanes. Its available on CD in the US and Australia through New Damage Records, CD and vinyl in Europe and Asia via Aurora Borealis Recordings, and digitally by way of Bandcamp.

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