Acoustic Metal Is a Thing – And YOU Can Help Kickstart It

Stash Wyslouch is a guitarist and mandolin player from Massachusetts who primarily plays bluegrass and country. But growing up, he listened to and played nothing but metal. Having spent the past ten years touring and recording bluegrass with the Deadly Gentlemen, The Boston Boys, Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers, FiddleFoxx, The Earth Stringband and Devil in the Kitchen, he is now combining his two loves into one tasty stew – Acoustic Metal.


Kickstarter is, depending on your point of view (and the product involved), either a fantastic business model or an incredible scam. There’s hundreds of things being Kickstarterifiiederated at any given moment, and you’re probably being guilt-tripped into contributing to one of them or inspired by something amazing that turns out to be a disaster. That’s the beauty of the free market, only now instead of the investors being some rich suits, it’s you and your grandma, and random people on social media who like your idea.

Musicians have really embraced this model, using it as a way to gauge interest in their project and to essentially garner pre-orders for their upcoming albums. In this sense, I feel like you really can’t go wrong because you’re essentially just purchasing an album that hasn’t been made yet, which I presume you would purchase after it was made anyway.

As you will see from the following video, Stash is an insane genius. Only a mad scientist of this caliber would think to combine these two elements, and only an artist at this level could make it sound this good and seamless. I, for one, am looking forward to hearing what this will sound like with some production behind it. So shut up and take my money.

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  • ever hear of ewan dobson? lol

  • meh

  • Guitar is good, but I just can’t dig those vocals.

  • Sounds like some evil bluegrass.

  • See Xasthur’s “Portal of Sorrow”. I’m definitely not into what this guy’s doing but I don’t think the concept of acoustic-focused or even all-acoustic metal should be abandoned.

    • all the fat meals in your diet should be abandoned

  • Sounds like regular bluegrass.

    Acoustic metal – Underoath – Walking Away.

  • Really? Have you guys heard about Ewan Dobson? He’s the king of this.

  • No.

  • make vocals metal! make everything metal!

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