Steel Panther – “The Girl from Oklahoma” Guitar Lesson

The fine folks at Guitar World must have seen our post about Steel Panther and the video they did for us, and thought to themselves, “Wow, this is a really cool band, we should also have them on our website” so basically Gear Gods broke Steel Panther. Tell all your friends.


But you can tell that they miss us, because Satchel is clearly purposely being a lot less funny in the below video than the one he did for us, no question he’s throwing the game here. But he does teach you how to play their acoustic slow jam “The Girl from Oklahoma”, so it’s not a total loss.

We’ll let Guitar World have this one, since they’re so keen on being like their heroes (us) and we’ll be the kindly big brother who lets his little bro win one once in a while. Throw a dog a bone, if you will.

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