Joey Sturgis to Host a Mixing Masterclass on CreativeLive

Our pals at Creative Live have really been delivering the goods when it comes to classes in heavy metal. In the past two years, they’ve hosted classes taught by Kurt Ballou (Converge, God City studios), Steve Evetts and Ben Weinman (production and guitarist for Dillinger Escape Plan respectively), Brendon Small (Metalocalypse), and many more. The site has become a cornerstone for all sorts of art forms on the web – like photography, film, design, visual art, and more – and it’s pretty incredible that heavy metal and hardcore music has played such a big role in its development.


Now, the Creative Live team previously played host to Joey Sturgis, owner of The Foundation Recording Studio in Indiana and knob-twiddler behind big records by bands like Oceano, Asking Alexandria, the Devil Wears Prada, and more. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of those bands or not, Sturgis is a major talent, and his engineering work on those albums is pretty mighty.

This class will focus on the nitty-gritty of mixing, including EQ and compression techniques, automation, and more, and will take place on July 16 and 17th. RSVP here – it’ll be free to stream. Don’t miss out.

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