After the Burial’s 12 Days of RIFF-MAS – All in One Place

In case you were looking for another reason to love After the Burial, here’s 12. Guitarists Trent Hafdahl and Justin Lowe play 8 string Ibanez guitars (when they’re not playing 9 strings) – but like the Native Americans who use every part of the deer they hunt, no part of the guitar is wasted. They shred, they djent, they chug, they rock n’ roll, they play big chords – it’s all there. Maybe most importantly, they use these techniques in a very musical fashion, not just for the sake of technique, and they can write a fucking SONG.


And in case that wasn’t enough, these guys are FUNNY! They’ve released 12 videos for the 12 days of Christmas, aptly titled “The 12 Days of RIFF-MAS”. Each of these vignettes is a mini guitar playthrough and lesson, as well as either a hilarious homage to a movie or just a funny scene on green screen.

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