Now here’s a fun one – Jared Dines isn’t just a funny, funny guy. I mean, he is – funny, that is. But he’s also really good. At like, 2345242 instruments. Check out his YouTube channel if you need evidence of my claim.


In this song, he plays 13 different instruments. Ok, that’s technically true, but misleading – he plays 13 different guitars, so we can hear some different tones through the same signal chain.

Damn I dig the look of that Weinman. Just when I thought there were no cool fret marker designs left.

Actually, I’m kind of surprised how similar many of them sounded. There’s a LOT of different factors that go into your tone, from pick material to final master, every little thing counts. But it’s good to know what a good setup can sound good with just about any guitar.

It also helps to have Fluff mixing and mastering your music.

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  • They are all Fluff’s guitars too.

    • Except the Agile….

    • the agile and ibanez i’m pretty sure are jareds

  • I want that tone

  • That Ibanez sounded great. I wonder if scale length makes a big difference. My two RGs are so frankensteind compared to my ESP , and all three sound fairly different through the same amp.

  • Looks like he had the best time with the ’94 strat

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