Rigged: Yesterday’s Saints Bassist John Batease and Guitarist Witt Black

Here’s what I’ve come to learn about Yesterday’s Saints: the band’s Rigged features are just as packed with content as its record. I guess you’d have to assume that if a bunch of dudes release a 3-part semi-operatic death/thrash/power metal concept record then when they submit media for a feature it’s not going to be half a paragraph and an instagram photo.


No, what we have here is a failure to communicate full video rundown of bassist John Batease and Guitarist Witt Black’s rigs. And on top of that both of them walk you through how to pull off some of the key riffage in their new track “The Recruitment”, which is taken from the aforementioned concept album Generation of Vipers.

And hot damn, that’s a Basson 810 cab towering behind John right there. As he points out, good luck finding one of those nowadays. The company’s been out of business for a bit. But in its short lifespan Basson put out some really nice cabinetry (even though the logo kind of reminds me of Lazer Tag in the 80s). I actually own a Basson head, the BGA1, which I believe was the only model the company ever released. It’s a little low on gain but quite a cool amp if you can goose the front end with a pedal. Kind of Plexi-ish.

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