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Good things come in small packages

"I can't believe it's not Wolfgang."

The age-old question.

Motionless shows us the gear that makes them move.

It's a head so mini, it might fit inside a different lunchbox head.

Featuring one of the best cabinet manufacturers that you've likely never heard of.

Djent bassists, get in here for the amp that will hold your tuning no matter how low you want to

Not sure why he called his company "Amptweaker" and not "Pedaltweaker," but I'll let it slide.

You'll go 5150 over this little 6505, but only if she's 5'3".

In other news, I think Nolly's basses are sentient killing machines, sent back from the future to kill Sarah Conner.

What do you mean I didn't specify which band member in the headline? It's all of them, obviously.