JAKE HOWSAM LOWE Drops Some Melodic Riffage with Debut Solo Project And New Track “Oh Earth”

JAKE HOWSAM LOWE, the current rhythm guitarist for Plini and member of The Helix Nebula, just dropped a blistering single for his debut solo project entitled “Oh Earth”. One part progressive, one part riffery, all parts catchy and melodic, “Oh Earth” is the soundtrack you want to hear when you’re going through life and need a power-up.


Clearly not only a top-tier musician, but a great composer in his own right, “Oh Earth” is definitely going to be an EP worth a spin, or a hundred. The playthrough was made with Neural DSP Archetype: Plini for the guitar tone and Getgood drums. Both of these products are solid as hell, and the proof is in the playthrough.

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