I BUILT THE SKY (Featuring STEPHEN TARANTO) – Looking Fly in this Playthrough of “Radiatus”


Australian prog metal guru I Built The Sky (AKA Rohan Stevenson) is know for writing some pretty heavy instrumental songs about clouds. That sound like your cup of tea? We hope so, because he just put out this dope new guitar playthrough, featuring the one and only Stephen Taranto (of The Helix Nebula fame).

This track “Radiatus” is the 2nd track off his 2016 album The Sky Is Not The Limit. Showcasing tasty chords, tapped melodies, and chunky low-end (all in front of the iconic Hollywood sign nonetheless), the song has a nice mix of memorable hooks with a proggy flare. Definitely for fans of bands like Periphery and TesseracT. And don’t think we’d forget to mention Stephen’s insane solo at the end either. We’re pretty sure he played every note on the guitar during this section at least once. The dude rips it up harder than designer jeans on a skateboard.

Did we mention they’re also wearing sunglasses? Gotta protect those peepers when you’re working in the sky all day. Stylish and smart!

I Built The Sky is just about finish up an Australian tour with a bunch of talented bands, and will probably be working on some new material pretty soon. The new record The Sky Is Not The Limit is available at his Bandcamp and iTunes. It also features some boss-ass solos from Jake Howsam Lowe and Sithu Aye, so you know it’s gotta be good. And if you fancy yourself some sky-swag, get at it on his merch page.

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