NIGHTMARER Guitarists KEITH MERROW And SIMON SLUDGE Go Full Satanic In This Dual Guitar Playthrough of “BLEACH”

Extreme metal outfit NIGHTMARER recently dropped this terrifying dual guitar playthrough of their track “Bleach” off their 2018 record Cacophony of Terror by guitarists Keith Merrow and Simon Sludge! Combining the darkest elements of tech death, death metal, and extreme metal, the duo showcase NIGHTMARER’s knack for dissonance to the highest degree. And shot and edited at Keith Merrow’s esteemed studio space, you know that the dudes are looking just about as good as they sound. Check it!


Be sure to get Cacophony of Terror on the band’s Bandcamp or other streaming platforms, pick up a copy on their merch page, and follow them on Facebook for more

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