NIGHTMARER Invites You To Play In The Steel Forest In This Guitar Playthrough for “Stahlwald”


Simon Hawemaan (or as he’s affectionately known, Simon Sludge) brutalizes his Kiesel Guitars extended scale SCB7 custom in this churning, hateful sounding song “Stahlwald” from Nightmarer’s debut album Cacophony of Terror (Season of Mist, out now).

Simon had the following to say about it:

This has been a long time coming and I’m thrilled to finally share the playthrough video for the Nightmarer song ‘Stahlwald’ (German for “Steel Forest”). The song is featured on our debut album ‘Cacophony of Terror’, which came out in March 2018.
I re-recorded the guitar track over the studio recording of the song to give you the best of both worlds – the full song with the guitar a little more upfront. The guitar used is my Kiesel SCB7 baritone, which is tuned as follows (from low to high): F – A# – D# – G# – C# – F# – A#
A lot of the dissonance is hidden in the intervals between both guitars in the studio recording, but the playthrough only features one of them. Have fun trying to figure out the rest!
Last, but not least, we are currently working on a new EP, so swing by to stay in the loop!
The video was filmed and edited by Richard Le with color-grading by Jörg Mayer.
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