This In Search of Sun Guitar Playthrough Shows What Happens When your Singer Gets Bored

It can’t be an easy thing, being the singer in a band when the other musicians need to go off and do their thing without you for a while. Hell, Dream Theater crooner James LeBrie has been known to just saunter off stage for half an hour at a time as his band noodles away, and James waits for the the crowd’s beckon call that never comes.


Fortunately, In Search of Sun don’t seem to have that issue, since there are no 20-minute instrumental diversions for the band’s vocalist, Adam Leader, to twiddle his thumbs to. But playthrough videos? Well what’s a frontman to do as guitarists David Mena Ferrer and Rory Kay shred the camera’s lens off? He’s Adam Leader, after all, not Adam Follower. Well, in this case he pours some fabulous drinks for the guys. Playing guitar is thirsty work. Way to go, Mr. Leader. Nice to see that a vocalist can stay in the spotlight and still come across as a team player.

And if you’re taking orders for a second round, could you mix me some gin and tomato juice on the rocks, with crushed black pepper on top? Thanks, buddy.

In Search of Sun’s new album, The World Is Yours, will be released on October 7th via Raging Demon Entertainment. You can preorder it here.

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