Josh Middleton Talks Sylosis’ Cab Simulator Rig

Doubling-down on Sylosis content this week, we’d like to dig in to this amp modeler demo by guitarist Josh Middleton. It seems as though more and more touring bands are starting to lean on digital amp modelers that are not Axe FX, and in this instance, Middleton makes use of the Torpedo Live Professional Digital Loadbox.


What’s interesting to me about this device is that since it’s a cabinet IR loader and not an amplifier simulator, you can control parameters that aren’t usually adjustable on most modellers I’ve seen. Notably, and this is particularly important for Middleton, the Torpedo Live can account for mic placement, and even adjust by the degree and distance from the cone! This unit is an updated model of the Torpedo VB-101, which was apparently the first ever cabinet simulator to hit the market, so it’s nice to see that the company is still pushing boundaries with its equipment.

Check out Middleton’s demo and interview about how he uses the unit below. It’s great to hear that although he leaves his cabinets at home on tour, he’s still running this thing along with real amp heads! I’ve heard too many weirdly-mixed shows where amp sims are piped through the house PA along with vocals and other junk, leaving no guitar sound on stage.

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