Rigged: Pet the Preacher Guitarist/Vocalist Christian Hede Madsen

Pet the Preacher‘s new disc is The Cave and the Sunlight, and it’s a thicker than the moss-covered rock walls in the title. Since the album drops in two days you might want a to get the info on the tones behind the songs. So with that said, here’s the band’s guitarist and vocalist Christian Hede Madsen:


”Hi Guys! Well, gear… we all need it, love it and know it is almost impossible to navigate in all the good shit out there. Anyway here is an overview of what I use at the moment and why it works for me.

About my amp:

After playing a Marshall JCM200DSL amp for a lot of years, I switched to an Orange Rockerverb 50. We have used Orange in the studio and when I had the opportunity to get one from my local guitarshop I went for it. And I LOVE it. It is the first model, not the MKII and I like the sound of this one better. It is totally stock with the original tubes, and I really don´t miss anything in this amp. I run through the drive-channel, no reverb and tend to go for at meaty, bass-heavy sound.

My cabinet is just a standard PPC412 Orange cab, again totally stock. I don´t need a lot of shit, but I need it to work and this simple setup does the trick… for now… I would like to run a couple of these stacks if I get the chance.


I have a special view on guitars, and I admit that I tend to change my mind a lot about what brands and types I like. After playing a Les Paul Custom for 6 years, I felt I wanted a lighter guitar with a thinner neck and jumbo frets. So I sold the Custom and bought myself a beautiful Framus Mayfield Custom Special Edition from 2008. Mahogany body, ebony fretboard, jumbo frets, grover locking tuners and Seth Lover in the bridge and a P90 in the neck. It is at a good guitar-tech being ”metalized” as we speak. The goal is to basically make it act like a Les Paul as far as the volume/tone controls go. And also do some minor changes to handle the gain and volume levels I work with.

pet-the-preacher guitar

My second guitar I just bought as well. It is a stock Epiphone Annihilation V (Jeff Waters Signature). It cost me 200 bucks and I love it. Feel, tone, simplicity. The two guitars represent what I have learned: the pricetag and brand name does not matter at all. It is all about the feeling and sound of the instrument and how it fits your playing style. But it took me a LOT of guitars, thoughts and money to figure this out haha.

My strings are DÁddario 12-52 with a wound G-string. I tune to Drop C and I find these strings are able to stay in tune and has great playability.

My guitar picks are .88 gauge picks.


I tend to forget to step on my effect pedals, so I just stopped using them. I have a tuner and an Ernie Ball Bass wah. Sometimes I play a Vox Tonebender MKIII from the 70s as well. But that is it basically. I like it simple.

Thank you so much for showing interest and don´t forget to catch us on tour.

Here is the set-up with some shitty sound from my phone, but you get the idea…

Pet the Preacher’s new album The Cave and the Sunlight will be released on April 25th. You can preorder the CD here and the vinyl here.

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