BETRAYING THE MARTYRS: Drummer Boris Le Gal Grooves Infectiously In This Playthrough of “Parasite”

French deathcore outfit Betraying the Martyrs recently released a brand new music video for a new song called “Parasite” from their upcoming album Rapture (out September 13th via Sumerian Records)! The song features some of the band’s catchiest and most energetic sounds yet, and now drummer Boris Le Gal is here to show you how he does it behind the kit in this playthrough of that very track. Check it!


As for the gear (we’re all about the gear here), here’s what Boris is rocking:

Zildjian Cymbals:

  • A Custom 17″ Projection Crash
  • K Custom 17″ Dark Crash
  • K Custom 14″ Session HiHats
  • K Custom 10″ Dark Splash
  • K Custom 22″ Medium Ride
  • K Custom 19″ Dark Crash
  • Oriental FX 18″ Trash China at the bottom
  • K Custom 17″ Special Dry Trash Crash at the top
  • K Custom 19″ Dark China

Vater Drumsticks:

  • 5A

Evans Drumheads:

  • Snare: Hybrid 14″

Kick: EQ4 22″
Toms: G2 10″ 12″ 14″ 16″


  • Tama Starclassic Birch/Bubinga Special Edition 22″ 10″ 12″ 14″ 16″
  • Tama Snare Drum Star Reserve Stave

Be sure to pre-order Rapture herebefore it drops on September 13th.

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