Alter Ego V2 and T2: TC Electronic Continues to Conjure Time Distortion Wizardry in Small Boxes

If you’ve ever thought it odd that TC Electronic had versions of the Flashback Delay in all types of sizes, but only the large x4 version of its sister pedal the Alter Ego, well that oddity has been resolved. The company has just announced the Alter Ego V2. It crams a few shelves’ worth of vintage echo simulation into a box smaller than the average tuner. It also features the unique but not universally loved strum-to-set-tempo feature featured in the Flashback delay of similar size.


Also released by TC Electronic is the T2 reverb pedal, which seems to be the vintage sibling of TC’s Hall of Fame in the same way that the Alter Ego and Flashback are paired. Both pedals feature the company’s Toneprint technology, which allows you to upload new models and presets.

Source: Premier Guitar

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