THE FLAYING: Escape By The Skin Of Your Teeth In This Exclusive Dual Guitar And Bass Playthrough For “Place Du Parvis”

With the release of their latest album Angry, Undead back in March of this year, Québec-based death metal act The Flaying have just released this dual guitar and bass playthrough for the track “Place Du Parvis”! Featuring guitarist Didier Samson and bassist Sebastian Marrier-Verret, the duo bring the heat in this exclusive performance video. There are no breaks or stops in this relentless beast of a song, so hold onto your seat and enjoy, only right here, on Gear Gods!


About the track, the band had this to say:

“We shot this duet playthrough for “Place du Parvis”, which is off our latest album Angry, Undead. You can check out our axemen from the band. Seb and Did teamed up to deliver a high-paced shred for the fans. The intensity of this track is 238 BPM of relentless mayhem! From a technical point of view, we enjoyed making this for the strings geeks out there, the ergonomics of the riff patterns demonstrate the endurance of keeping eight-notes and sixteen-notes mostly throughout the song. The song is mostly parallel parts between guitar and bass and Seb does some brilliant fast pop-tapping licks and Did manages to create some weird squeals and pickup slap sounds. Finally, we decided to invite the band’s 5th member Ronnie R. Dancer to perform the song’s middle bass slap djent part with the Milhouse bass technique! This French anthem is an occurrence of the album’s artwork! Enjoy « L’execution publique à la Place du Parvis ».”

Be sure to get Angry, Undead on their Bandcamp here, as well as to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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