The Weekly Riff: Massive “One by One”

Massive, among other interests, enjoy naming things well. Not only is “One by One” a fitting song title for a Riff of the Week wherein the notes will be explained one by… well, you know, but the band’s moniker obviously clues you in on their sound. Massive are more rock than metal: big and loud like an elephant stampeding through an orphanage. Of course that’s something you’d like to be a part of, and while we unfortunately have no access to untethered pachyderms at the moment, it’s certainly within our means to teach you some riffs. Here’s the band’s guitarist Brad Marr with the breakdown for you.


“One by One” can be heard on Massive’s most recent album Full Throttle, which was released this summer. The band’s website has links to any type of digital or physical purchasing outlet that your indecisive mind might consider perusing.

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