Glenn Fricker’s Honest Gear Review #1 – Two Notes Torpedo Live

Glenn Fricker, believe it or not, isn’t always angry. He is, however, always honest. This generally leads to angry because, let’s be honest too, everyone gets angry about stuff, we’re just not always upfront about it. So when it’s time for Glenn to do some reviews, he’s not holding anything back, he’s gonna tell you like it is – some stuff makes him the opposite of angry.


So I guess we can call this not only the debut of Glenn the Gear Reviewer, but also Contented Glenn Fricker (as opposed to Furious Glenn Fricker). Maybe slightly less entertaining, but just as informative and still honest as hell. It’s just that, he honestly likes the product he’s reviewing.

This doesn’t mean he has no bones to pick. He picks some bones. He then leaves the clean-picked bones to play with his fun new toy – the Two Notes Torpedo Live. This fun box is also used by Gojira (as Joe Duplantier told us), Keith Merrow, Ola Englund, Jeff Loomis, and Per Nilsson, just to name a few. It’s a loadbox that you can plug a cranked tube amp into directly without blowing anything up, as well as a speaker cab simulator. Glenn also talks in-depth about using the plugin software Wall of Sound that you can use to change the mic position and distance, as well as blend many cabs and mics together.

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