GABRIEL GUARDIAN Splits Brain Hemispheres With This IMMORTAL GUARDIAN “Trail of Tears” Playthrough

You wanna see something impressive? Something that’ll make you climb to the tallest building in your city and throw yourself, your guitar, your amp, your keyboard, in that order, off the roof?


Then check out the video premiered by KIESEL GUITARS above! GABRIEL GUARDIAN, the man with some serious left/right brain hemisphere split, manages both guitar and keyboard duty on an incredibly technically challenging song, wrangling both the main melody and harmonies. You just have to see the first few seconds and the next thing you know, you’re strapping the guitar your parents got you for Christmas to the train tracks and waiting for the steam engine to come through and end it all.

The track is “Trail of Tears”, by IMMORTAL GUARDIAN, because that’s what it’ll do, it’ll leave you with a trail of tears as you walk away from where the shattered remains of your guitars and dreams lay.

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And follow GABRIEL GUARDIAN on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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