Why Not Close out this Friday with Some Avenged Sevenfold Gypsy Jazz?

Okay, straight up guys and gals, I’m not an Avenged Sevenfold fan. Like, at all. You’re likely aware that Vince and Axl at our sister site Metal Sucks enjoy the band’s music and proudly raise their middle fingers at your (and, well… my) snobbery. That’s well enough. Subjective taste yadda blah blah. But often they’ll send me links to Ax7 (see, I even hate typing that) videos and I kind of ignore them. Not just because of my own taste, since trust me I cover plenty of bands that I’d never ever listen to otherwise, but because the band is on the border of our range of coverage.


So when Vince forwarded me this video that features Sinister… Synester… Sylvester… damnit, let me look this up. I’m annoyed that I even have to do this… okay… this video that features Synyster Gates, yet without any of his band’s music, I figured it’s time to take one for the team. Because like his songs or not, the man is a talented guitar player. So here he is, expressing his love of gypsy jazz.

…$10 says he just likes any word with a lot of y’s in it.

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  • And yet can’t write a rift to save his life.

    • Doesn’t matter, “Bat Country” is one of the best solos of the 21st-century so far.

      • You’re on drugs, right?

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