Cannibal Corpse’s Road Crew and Revocation Solved the Problem of Backline Breakdowns In Between Sets

For years, bands and fans alike have wondered, how can we cut the time in between sets? How many more times must we hear “South of Heaven” and “Cowboys from Hell” while waiting to see some sick deathcore breakdowns or like, Kvelertak?


Well, Cannibal Corpse’s road crew and Revocation may have solved the problem. On the final night of Cannibal Corpse’s European tour, the mad scientists involved in these parties engaged in a wild experiment. it started with a simple question: what would happen if we removed the drum set during the final song of a band’s set?

They titled their experiment “Emil from Aeon gets his drums taken away.” Watch below. The footage is raw, but their datum is promising.

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  • Dyscarnate and Cephalic Carnage did that years ago….

  • Carnifex and Unearth as well.

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