Let’s Learn How to Play the Riffs to 3 Protest the Hero Songs

You know what the worst riffs to learn by ear are? Tapping riffs. I kind of hate them. Because otherwise if you figured out a riff but your hand position is a little different, or you’re playing a note on the 7th fret of one string instead of the 2nd of another, it’s all good if there’s no pull-off involved. Maybe you even found an easier way to play someone else’s part. It happens.


Tapping riffs though: everything is so dependent on the positions, and you have to figure out which notes are tapped with the right hand and which are hit by the left, or pulled off to the left hand’s chord, or just open… It’s a nightmare.

So Protest the Hero fans rejoice! Now you know how to play that section in “Sex Tapes,” plus some riffs from “Clarity” and “Underbite.” Too bad no bass parts are demonstrated. Apparently the band’s big bottom guy Arif Mirabdolbaghi is taking a hiatus and I know you’re just sitting there thinking, “I could do that.” The bass playing I mean. Not the hiatus.

Source: Total GuitarVia: Blabbermouth

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