Steven Wilson and His Custom Delay Settings

Let’s say, hypothetically, you were zoning out to the hypnotic sounds of Steven Wilson’s recent masterpiece The Raven that Refused to Sing (an album that I wish I had heard in time to put on my “best of 2013” list), and you heard a delay sound that just totals it. You covet that delay for your own like another more lecherous soul might covet their neighbor’s spouse. Is their no salve to sooth this burn of jealousy kindled deep within you?


Don’t fret. Or actually, do fret your fingerboard once your gutiar tone has that delay you so desire. Steven Wilson’s “Ghostly Delay” is currently haunting T.C. Electronic’s Toneprint library, and it can be yours if you own either a Flashback or Flashback x4 delay pedal. Here’s the man himself giving a demonstration of his aural phantasm:

Question: if he needs to unscrew the bottom plate of the pedal to replace the battery, and obviously those screws aren’t flat head, does he use a Wilson phillips?

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