Seymour Duncan Is Finally Releasing the Jason Becker Pickup

So this is a cool story. Cacophony/David Lee Roth guitarist and Marty Friedman collaborator Jason Becker had been in talks with Seymour Duncan literally decades ago, working on the design of his signature pickup. Unfortunately, a final product never materialized and the pickup that could have been sadly never was.


They say that time heals wounds, but more importantly it conjures gear thought dead. In the words of Jason Becker:

“A couple years ago, my buddy Michael Lee Firkins came over to test a possible Becker signature amp. We tried tons of guitars, but didn’t find any that sounded very good, or at least that sounded like me. We finally plugged in the guitar with one of my test Duncans in it, and we were all floored! It was like magic. We decided to finalize the pickup and I would say the final tone sounds like me, only way better! It has the thick beef and balls that we metal players and old Van Halen fans like, plus a sweet, clear and crisp, yet warm lead tone.”

Jason’s signature pickup, the Perpetual Burn, is an Alnico 5 bar magnet with a 12.11k DC resistance, and you can get it in white, black, or zebra in standard spacing or trembucker. Between this and the Dimebag set they just put out, Duncan has been on a roll with their signature pickups. Check out the Perpetual Burn in the video below.

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