Seymour Duncan Bundled You a Dimebag

Seymour Duncan has had the Dimebucker pickup for a while. If you didn’t guess from the “Dime” and “Bucker” parts, it’s the signature pickup of Pantera’s “Dimebag” Darrell Lance Abbott. He played guitar. You may have heard of him.


What you may NOT have known is that Pantera’s long out-of-print first album with Phil Anselmo, Power Metal, has a few killer tunes on it.

…oh, the pickups. Well what you might not have known about those is that he also had a favorite neck pickup to match the Dimebucker: Seymour Duncan’s ’59 humbucker. But the bridge version of the ’59, not the neck.

You might be getting confused now, which I’m sure wasn’t aided by the excursion into Power Metal territory (seriously, there’s a few songs worth listening to on that LP…), so Seymour Duncan have made it easy for you. They’re bundling Dimebag’s neck and bridge pickups of choice into on collection. The Dimebag set. So if you want to be one step closer to sounding like Dime, get these and you’ll be, ahem… set.

Here’s what Darrell had to say about his Dimebucker:

“It’s very saturated–not to the point where it’s overly fuzzy–but it has a smooth and crunchy distortion tone. It will give you some extra gain, but it won’t go so far that your sound breaks up and is going crazy. You get that warm tone with the distortion mixed in and it has the low end that’s kicking you in the butt while the top end is cutting your face off in the right way, but not ripping your face off.  If you ever listen to a Pantera record, that’s what you’ll hear through this pickup.”

If you want further information and less talk about Power Metal, head over to Seymour Duncan’s website.

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  • Gotta love how SD just pretends Dimebag didn’t use a Bill Lawrence pickup in for most of his time in Pantera….

  • “Daryl”?

  • Funny. Back then Dimebag never played the original Bill Lawrence 500XL. He played the cheap copy by the competition. So this new one is a copy of a copy.

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