Headless Dave Davidson Teaches you Revocation’s “The Hive”

Let’s talk about framing for a second here. Now, I understand that in a guitar lesson you need to prioritize the visibility of the fretboard and picking hand first and foremost. It’s a guitar lesson, not a handsome lesson, so fine, you don’t need to show the instructor’s face constantly. But you have to show it, you know, sometimes.


Guitar World just posted another “Thrash Course with Dave Davidson” feature, but once the introductory section concludes the camera chops off Dave’s head and it remains severed for the entirety of the lesson. Seriously, ten minutes of instruction without his smiling bearded skull. You guys can’t cut up there once in a while on the sections where he’s not playing? Or do a picture in picture or split screen? Or how about zoom out or cut to a wider frame? Here, I even spent hours in Photoshop creating this seamless mockup of how a slightly further angle would look just fine:


Hell, I don’t even know if this video was useful or not since I spent the course of its running time terrified of the decapitated undead corpse with the disembodied voice. Maybe if it actually were a Decapitated lesson then the shot would be apt. But no.

Anyway, if you like Revocation‘s last album and want to learn how to play one of the tracks, and you are less terrified by Dave’s missing dome than I or Ichabod Crane would be, then try braving the video below. My repressed memories seem to show me hints of useful picking technique and chromatic thrashing, but it’s mostly lost to the fog of nightmares.

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  • Why are you so weirded out that his head is cropped out? I feel like that happens a lot in instructional videos like this

  • i like the headless format….i would rather look at the guitar anyway

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