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We run down the rigs of Dave Davidson, Dan Gargiulo, and Brett Bamberger of Revocation, one of the best metal

Dave Davidson and Nicky Shinz have made

Is Ari Gold their new manager or something?

No surprise that every musician Marty picked for this project turned in an incredible performance.

Another installment of "Thrash Course with Dave Davidson."

Instrument instruction is the last safe bastion for the dvd format, apparently.

The two collaborated on the track "Sociopaths" for Marty's new solo guitarfest, Inferno. Here's what they had to say on

Thrash guitarist miraculously still able to speak without mouth or cerebellum.

Okay fine, it's a Jackson, not a Gibson. But I wanted to make the pun, and the body shape is

The Revocation guitarist/vocalist will teach you everything he knows about songwriting or melt your brain trying.

Because at our pre-NAMM meeting it was ultimately decided that "would I look hot in your underwear" wouldn't be an

This is not a man who performs outside of Japan very often.