Dave Davidson’s Songwriting Master Class Will Teach You to Call Him Master, With Class

What were you planning to do this weekend? How about the six after that? No, those plans are now forfeit. Instead you will be spending seven samurai Saturdays at the THOR Metal Master Class with Revocation’s Dave Davidson, where he will teach you the ins and outs, shreds and squeals, of metal songwriting. Well, that is assuming you live within a reasonable distance from New York City.


Like Eb-ony and Gb-ony, he will teach you about perfect minor harmony, plus riff-writing, songcraft, and how to make metal kids lose their shit to a banjo part.

In an epic bout of poor naming choices, the THOR master class has nothing to do with the Norse god: it instead stands for Tomato’s House Of Rock, which I’ll bet isn’t owned by a sugarless fruit, and certainly doesn’t sound particularly metal. It’s simply a building in Brooklyn where you can sign up for music instruction clinics like this one. Fine. Let Dave bring the Norse hammer to them, and to you. Sign up by contacting THOR at 917.426.9111 or tomato@tomatoshouseofrock.com.

And by the way, if anyone is looking for additional one-on-one instruction from Dave during February and March, they can sign up for private lessons as well. And to wet your whistle, here’s some online instructional video learning from the man, plus the aforementioned banjophiles going wild.

Source: Metal Injection

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