Revocation Walk Backwards, Talk to Us About Their New Record

Shit’s getting real for Revo fans. Last week, Noisey premiered a new track off their upcoming Metal Blade debut, Deathless, and this week, the band has dropped the second episode in their series of “making of” videos for the album.


Unlike lots of other bands’ in-studio/making-of videos, including Revo’s older ones, this series focuses more on the bands’ outlook on the broader thematic and sonic aspects of the record than it does on tracking and mixing. It’s kind of cool – I certainly feel these days that lots of the press cycles leading up to bands’ new albums tend to brush over how bands actually… think and feel about the music they recorded.

In this installment, we hear a bit more about the concept of the title track, as well as about Zeuss (Municipal Waste, The Red Chord, Arsis, 3 Inches of Blood, etc etc) as a producer. I’m excited to hear what he does with Revocation’s sound this time around. I think he’s a great matched producer and engineer for band’s sound, which really hit a zenith on the Teratogenesis EP, and I’m curious to hear what he can make happen for them across an entire long player.

Check out the band’s new track “Madness Opus” below:


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  • This album is going to be a gem. They just keep getting better and better. David Davidson is probably the most well rounded guitarist that I have heard from Rhythm to leads.

  • I am sure this band would reach the next level of awesomeness if they would start writing memorable songs. Don’t get me wrong i really appreciate their work but memorable it is surely not.

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