“30 Misplaced Shredders” Is for Anyone Who Wants to Hear Randy Rhoads Solo Over Arch Enemy

This video is a couple months old, but when I stumbled across it and realized what it was I figured, “to hell with timeliness.” At first I thought it was just another one of those “guitarist solos in 30 different styles” videos, which are old hat by now.


And I guess technically that’s what it is, except guitarist Ben Higgins swapped all the backing tracks around. His video, “30 Misplaced Shredders” has him soloing in the style of Steve Vai atop of Pantera-esque riffs. Or as Alexi Laiho over music in the vein of Skid Row. Bravo, man: you a a fucking genius.

For bonus points, he spends another hour breaking down every single one of the solos. Give it a watch.

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