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Remember back in August, when Ron Jarzombek (of Blotted Science, Watchtower, and Spastic Ink fame), delivered unto us one of the best Rigged’s of all time? When we were putting that together, Ron was still teasing his long-delayed instructional video series, Dissecting Bugs, which was to feature the Blotted Science mainman taking apart, re-assembling, and disassembling music from the band’s last release, The Animation of Entomology. I was excited about the DVD’s particularly due to the promise of another in-depth look at Jarzombek’s 12-tone analysis schema, which is the cool system that he’s been using to write all of the music for Blotted Science.


Well, this thing is finally happening – not physically, but through a “digital DVD” release on Jarzombek’s own website. Each song will feature playthroughs at normal and 70% speed, part breakdowns, theoretical analysis, notation, and more. Two songs from the EP are up for purchase now for absurdly cheap (remember the days of shelling out $20 for a DVD and it sitting on the shelf, never to be watched?) and Jarzombek has just posted a playthrough of all the guitar parts for “A Sting Operation – I. Human Barbequed.”

It’s really cool to see an artist going out on a limb and putting together such a thorough piece of content. We see a lot of GoPro playthroughs these days, which are great, but don’t really require much effort other than setting up some cameras. Even when the players are absurdly ridiculous at their instruments, it’s starting to get a bit predictable. Jarzombek really put time and production into this series, and it shows; the old guard are giving the young guns a run for their money.

Jarzombek’s also got a preview video for “A Sting Operation – II. Cessation Sanitation” that shows a bit more the full range of content that this video series is offering. Check it out below:

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