CreativeLive Teaches You that Recording as Well as Joey Sturgis Is Simple, not Brain Sturgery

Look, I admit to being a bit of a crusty, analog-loving curmudgeon. I see these youngsters with their sampled drums and modeled guitars and their wifi and central air conditioning and I think, fuck dude Black Sabbath didn’t use any of that shit. So sometimes modern recordings leave me a bit cold, pun intended. Of course, some do the super modern and polished thing better than others, and goddamn Joey Sturgis (Born of Osiris, Asking Alexandria, Emmure) has released a shit ton of hugely popular records.


And then I got to thinking: if you’re going to be watching tutorial videos, learning the tips and tricks from a big name recording engineer, wouldn’t you want said engineer to be someone who mixes in the box just like you do? Because I’m assuming that you don’t have a $100,000 API mixing board or a couple Dangerous mixers routed through tens of thousands of dollars worth of Distressors and Great River EQs or whatnot, right? No, you have a normal person’s income and mixing setup. And if one man making those huge records with just a computer, good monitors, and his ears, (okay fine, and maybe some nice plug-ins), then you can too.

So with that said, you’ll probably want to tune in to CreativeLive’s “Studio Pass: Joey Sturgis” clinic on February 4th – 6th, where you will learn not only the ins and outs of how he records, edits, and mixes, but also how to produce a record and arrange the songs so you can bring them up one or several notches in radness. Like all CreativeLive clinics it’s free if you watch it live, but you can also pick up anytime access for $99. For more info, head to this location.

For more on Joey Sturgis check out this new interview that CreativeLive already filmed with him, embedded below, or maybe give a read to last year’s Gear Gods interview with the dude here.

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