Fast Licks? You’ve Never Heard of the Mixolydian Falcon? My Scales Are Fast Enough for You, Old Man.

My interest level in new Star Wars Movies is somewhere between “I just don’t care anymore” and “maybe I’d go to see them if I’m very bored or very drunk.” But my interest in Star Wars guitars? I mean, how could you not get at least a little nerd jubilee bubbling up in your pleasure centers?


I’m sure most of you think that the Millennium Falcon guitar is an Ill-ennnium Wow-con, but I’m more into the Y-Wing and B-Wing axes personally. Maybe it’s because the B-Wing design never seemed to make a lick of sense (shouldn’t it be a “T-Wing” anyway, considering how the wings expand), so the absurdity of that design fashioned into a guitar is just off the charts, so far into stupid that it loops back around into “stupid awesome.”

Oh, and that other completely unrelated-to-Star-Wars zany clock guitar with built in bottle opener and hidden cigar stash? Someone get Tom Bingham a luthier of the year award.

Source: Star Wars Anything and Everything

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