Fluff Demos the LTD KS-7 Ken Susi Model with Evertune

Ryan Bruce, D/B/A Fluff, is one of my very favorite gear reviewers. Not just because he’s knowledgable as hell or great at making massive riffs, but because when you watch his videos, you feel like you’re just sitting down with a cool dude for a cup of joe and a frank but friendly discussion about gear.


Of course, I’m always a bit jealous, he seems to get just the coolest stuff to play with. I aspire to his level of greatness, and lumberjack-liness, but until then, I’ll enjoy watching him play this wicked pretty axe.

We brought you tidings of the Ken Susi LTD KS-7 a mere 11 months after it was announced (how it slipped past us I will never know) and now you can hear it for yourself:

The KS-7 is equipped with an Evertune bridge which keeps constant tension on the strings so that it never goes out of tune, and although the one Fluff reviewed above had EMG pickups, the 2015 model will have the new Fishman Fluence pickups, Fishman’s first electric guitar pickups. They use a completely different way of making pickups which involves printing them like circuit boards rather than winding like traditional pickups. This is supposed to eliminate the inconsistencies from pickup to pickup and eliminate some of the problems of traditional pickups. Here’s Ola Englund showing you what they’re all about:

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