ESP LTD KS-7 Ken Susi Signature 7 String With Evertune Bridge – Video

Not sure how this one snuck under my radar, but apparently ESP makes a Ken Susi (Unearth) signature guitar, the LTD KS-7. It’s been out for a while and I am somehow just now hearing about it. Either way, you may have known about it already, but now ESP has Unearth(ed) this video featuring Ken talking about it and extolling the virtues of the Evertune bridge.


Ken is an extremely underrated guitarist and it seems like this is the perfect tool for his arsenal. If you’re in a touring band without a guitar tech (which I inferred they are from the shots of Ken changing the strings on the guitar), an Evertune bridge seems like it could be a godsend.

The most recent Unearth album Watchers of Rule is out now on eOne music. Find more info about the KS-7 here.

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  • hey Trey – just got it KS7 – freaking awesome piece of gear

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