Ron Jarzombek Gets Ready to Dissect Some Bugs

Ron Jarzombek, who recently wrote up one of the sickest Rigged’s that we’ve ever done, is back at it again. The Blotted Science composer/guitarist/experimental mathematician’s long awaited instructional DVD, “Dissecting Bugs,” is finally going to see a release, with the first clip for “A Sting Operation – I. Human Barbequed” dropping next Thursday. Jarzombek is currently taking pre-orders for the video, and you can nab one of those here.


In addition to playing each song from The Animation Of Entomology at normal speed and 70% speed, the clips will feature live analysis of the twelve tone cycles used to write the songs (you can read more about Jarzombek’s 12-tone theory here and here). Needless to say, this is pretty sick. In an era of endless playthroughs, how often is it that you get to come this close to watching the theory behind a songwriting process for this kind of music unfold?

Although the video was slated to be released as a DVD, Jarzombek has ultimately decided to make it a digital-only release, a move that we here at Gear Gods can definitely get behind. Not only does it make better fiscal sense, but for material of this density, its way more practical to be able to hit a space bar or scroll back to review something, as opposed to pausing a DVD player, rewinding, etc. etc…

Spake the man himself about the DVD and the decision to go all-digital,

As many BLOTTED SCIENCE fans know, I’ve been working on an instructional DVD called ‘Dissecting Bugs‘ on which I will play all of the guitar parts on ‘The Animation Of Entomology‘ and explain in theoretical, animated detail the 12-tone system that was used to write the EP. This has been a top music priority of mine ever since the release of ‘Animation‘ in late 2011.

I did take several months off from working on the DVD to put together the ‘Beyond Life And Cosmic Kinetics‘ iOS app (released Nov. 2012); and to rework, rerecord and release the solo songs ‘BC 2013‘ and ‘Razor Blade Babies‘ which were also programmed to be iOS apps (and hopefully will be at a later time). And I also did a few guest solos on PROTEST THE HERO’sVolition‘ and HANNES GROSSMANN’sThe Radial Covenant‘.

Years later, the DVD is still not completed. Rather than delaying the physical DVD release date even more, I’ve decided to release it in segments digitally. I’ve had some sections/segments done for months (if not over a year), so why not get it out? Plus, it’s 2014, the digital age!

For a sense of how sick this will be, check out an older version that Jarzombek did for the tune “Cretaceous Chasm:”

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