Overdrive Week – Misha Mansoor On Using an OD Pedal To Tighten A Dual Rectifier

I like a Mesa Dual Rec just fine, but on it’s own, it’s just not defined enough. It’s got loads of bottom end and gain for days, but it’s also flub city without a little bit of help.


In this video, Periphery guitarist Misha Mansoor demonstrates how he uses an OD (his signature Pro Tone Pedals Bulb Deluxe OD) to cut the flub and make his tone a lot more aggressive. It’s pretty transformative, and (not to belabor the point) but it goes to show that a good drive can do wonders for your sound. It works for any genre, but I’m gonna say that without tight guitars, djent is pretty much not possible. It’s sort of the whole deal, tonally.

Unfortunately we were unable to get ahold of a Bulb OD for our shootout this week, but here’s a couple demos to give you an idea:

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  • Flubby tone? On a tube amp? HMMMM, I WONDER WHY.


    • The digital version of these amps are flubby too, you have to put a digital OD in front of them to fix it.

      • That’s because it’s (succesfully) emulating the sound that those amps give out. There are plenty of sounds unique to digital amps like the Axe-FX or Spider that don’t suffer from the low-end flub.

        It’s a waste of money to buy tubes if you’re just gonna throw a tube screamer in front of it.

        • As much as I love solid state amps, I believe the idea is to cascade various gain stages. With that in mind, tubes do not seem *that* redundant after all.

  • dude with the worst tone ever gives a lesson on making a good amp sound worse. awesome.

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