Rigged: Xandria Drummer Gerit Lamm

Drum Rigged features: I love it. You may have caught my rant recently about how gear rundowns always seem to focus on guitar rigs, maybe occasionally bass. So the elusive drum feature is a rare and beautiful creature, like spotting a bald eagle or one of the few remaining Sizzlers.


This Rigged video comes to you via Xandria‘s Drummer Gerit Lamm. There’s some classic standards like a Pearl Masters maple kit and Paiste Signature cymbals, but there’s a few exotic birds in his landscape. One of those Paistes is a 22″ Dark Metal Ride, which is now sadly discontinued, but Gerit says it’s one of the best cymbals he’s ever heard. Even cooler though is his Czarcie Kopyto (Polish for “the Devil’s hoof”) direct drive kick drum pedal.

Xandria’s new record, Sacrificium, is out now. If you want more from the back check back next week for a guitar rundown with guitarists Marco Heubaum and Philip Restemeier.


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