The Doof Warrior From Mad Max Plays Orange Amps

In case you haven’t seen it yet, one of the cars in Mad Max: Fury Road is basically just a giant tribal-music war rig on top of which is a dude playing a guitar that shoots fire.


Of course, there’s excessive nerd shit that went into the making of this character and the sounds that he produced. The guitar sounds in the film are not always super prominent in the mix – they’re used more for color in the moments where the Doof Warrior has the most screen time. It’s not surprising to hear that Junkie was thinking about classic desert rock – he mentions Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age as influences on Doof’s guitar tone, in particular.

See the below video, in which Junkie talks about the gear and recording process for Doof’s guitar tones. I do wish that instead of generic speakers, the rig would have had a bunch of fucked up, vintage Orange cabs. Check it out:

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  • orange cabs on orange desert. nah, black looks better

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