Rigged/Playthrough: USA Out of Vietnam Drummer El Tigre

We’re rounding out our extensive coverage of every single damn piece of USA Out of Vietnam‘s gear with one last Rigged feature. After all, a 3-piece band deserves a 3-part Rigged. Plus as a bonus we get a killer playthrough of a beat from the band’s song “Tonight, the Dead Walk” for free, yes free. So here’s the band’s drummer, El Tigre (by now I’m starting to guess that these guys aren’t using their given names, unless they were named by luchadores), to break it all down for you.


The latest USA Out of Vietnam LP Crashing Diseases and Incurable Airplanes is available on CD in the US and Australia through New Damage Records, CD and vinyl in Europe and Asia via Aurora Borealis Recordings, and digitally by way of Bandcamp.

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