TOONTRACK Metal Guitar Gods 3 – The Gear Gods Demo

Every year, as the leaves and temperature start to fall, the cups start turning red, and the war on Christmas begins anew, we know that Toontrack’s Metal Month has begun. And with it comes new releases that make churning out blistering metal demos much easier, less stressful, and better sounding.


Today in particular marks the release of the third pack in the Metal Guitar Gods series for EZMix 2, with new sounds from Ola Englund, Keith Merrow, Andy James, and Adam Dutkiwiecz, all of which are superb and easy to use in a mix.

My personal favorites from the pack are Keith’s Conquering patch, which is a pretty quick way to get a close facsimile of his tone on the Conquering Dystopia album, and Ola’s Epic Lead, which is exactly as described. Want to hear what I’m talking about? Hit play below. All the sounds are nearly unprocessed – the only mixing applied was a little high pass on the bass, and the Metal Master Bus for mastering. That’s it!

I’m also using the Progressive EZX for EZDrummer 2, which I think is pretty sweet, although it’s somewhat less metal than the Colin Richardson pack they released last year around the same time. I think it’s more geared towards prog rock than real heavy metal, with some really sick sounds. It’s produced by Forrester Savell, who recorded Karnivool, so it’s kind of in that vein.

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  • Usally for my guitars I use BIAS, but maybe I’ll give a shot and I will try EZMix.
    This new Pack seems very interesting

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