Seymour Duncan Introduces the Dino Cazares Retribution Active Pickup

Last week we brought you video of the Ibanez DCM100 Dino Cazares model that I was all hot and bothered about. In that guitar was a new pickup – the Retribution from Seymour Duncan. Now we have more information for you about the pickup, which is available for sale individually as a 7 string bridge and neck pickup and as an 8 string bridge pickup.


According to Dino,

“It has a richer tone that’s more evenly voiced so the low string is not fighting with the high string. It’s a very crunchy sound, great for low tunings. It has more articulation in the pick attack and the distortion has less unwanted noise and compression.”

Seymour Duncan tells us that these pickups are voiced specifically for extended range and low tunings to maintain clarity in the lower notes and are meant to sound more dynamic and organic than your typical active pickup. I imagine this means they tightened up the low end by cutting a lot of bass and made it somewhat lower output than other actives.

More info on the pickup can be found at Seymour Duncan.

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