Find of the Week Redux: Another Mastodon-Owned Guitar

Well, it seems that it’s not just Troy Sanders who is hocking his goods from the back of the Mastodon van. As one Gear Gods commenter put it, the band’s Facebook page is a veritable auction. Well, fine, he didn’t use the word “veritable.”


In any event, Bill Kelliher has a Les Paul called the Golden Axe. You may have heard of it. No, not that Golden Axe, although I like to hope that it was in fact christened after Death Adder’s legendary blade. I’m afraid to ask.

Now Bill’s famous six-string, the Prototype for his new signature Les Paul, is up on eBay. It’s not going cheap, mind you. The bidding is currently around $3,500, and the buy it now price is a whopping $7,000. What, you couldn’t at least throw in free shipping at that cost? But if you really, like totally fucking love Mastodon and very pretty Les Pauls, this may just be the guitar that you hover your mouse over and still don’t buy. Because, come on. $7,000?

Shop with no regrets at this link.

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  • That’s a sexy axe, but isn’t the commercial one $2200?

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